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Zuudee Holding Group is a well-known manufacturing group that specializing in the production of titanium, nickel alloy materials and certain special metal alloys, the company has a long history of experience in the production of nickel alloys.

Titanium metal alloy

Zuudee Titanium mainly offers titanium alloy fasteners,machined parts,finished parts and special titanium metal alloy materials such as Ti6242(Ti6Al2Sn4Zr2Mo) bars,Ti6Al7Nb plates,Ti442(Ti4Al4Mo2Sn) ingot,Ti5Al2-5Sn,Ti15333 wires,etc.

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Nickel metal alloy

Are you seeking for inconel 600,601,625,718,X750? Are you seeking for incoloy 800,800HT,825,901? Are you seeking for hastelloy C276,C22,B2,B3? Are you seeking for nimonic 75,80A,c263 or Monel 400,K500?...... Yes,we do.

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Mo,Ta,Zr and W

Zuudee distributes Molybdenum,Tantalum,Zirconium and Tungsten bars,plates,tubes,machined parts and finished part of long-term partners in Baoji city.

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